Paris Hilton Racing Team





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Scope of work:

Although established in the motorcycle road racing events, RSI aimed at creating a highly visible team for the 2011 World Championship;  they tasked Riple & Co. with creating the partnerships to generate the notoriety and attention needed so they could focus on the technical and performance of the team.  Riple & Co, through their exclusive contract with Paris Hilton, formed The Paris Hilton Racing Team or PHRT which competed in the Moto 3 division – the most junior division as the goal was to have a team of young and promising competitors they could groom to later compete in the Moto 2 and Moto GP categories. 
Riple & Co’s public relations efforts in addition to races participation included a highly commented TV appearance on the well-known “The Late Show” with Jay Leno and a few special performance guest appearances by Paris Hilton at select venues during the Summer.
Motor 3 races in 2011 included:  Qatar March 2011 / Barcelona April 2011* / Portugal  May 2011 / Zaragoza Spain  June 2011*/ England May 2011/ Netherlands / Italy  July 2011/Germany August 2011/ Czech Republic  August 2021/ Indianapolis USA September 2011/ San Marino September 2021/ Japan October 2011/ Australia October 2021/ Malaysia November 2011/ Final Valencia Spain 2011*
Summer Event:  Ibiza 2011
TV Appearance: Jay Leno USA


  • PHRT won multiple races and secured a third place in the World Championship in Valencia that same year.
  • ROI valued at 7M Euros in free printed media and TV.

Due to the economical crisis in Europe, RSI was unable to find the investors and secure funds to continue competing in the World Motor Championship the following years as originally planned.”