Foam & Diamonds

2013 - 2017




Ibiza, Spain

Scope of work:

Espuma was Amnesia’s party staple in the late 90’s in Ibiza, but as time passed, the theme party lost its appeal and the number of attendees decreased drastically; Riple & Co. was tasked with driving traffic to the club  and Foam & Diamonds hosted by Paris Hilton was created resulting in 50 shows over a period of 5 years (Summer months only).


  • Increasing number of tickets sold each season from less than 600 per night to 2000 on average each night during the summer campaign 2013 to 2018.
  • Number of social media followers for both brands increased to 40 M followers.
  • ROI on free media coverage valued over 63M Euros during the 5-year campaign.