Painting With Paris





Ibiza, Spain

Scope of work:

Riple & Co. held four (4) Art Painting sessions with Paris Hilton, each of which featured an aspiring young Spanish artist – Boa Mistura, Maillo, Angeles, and Raul Diaz Reyes whose works were represented by the PONCE + ROBLES Gallery.
These painting sessions were aimed at raising awareness about APNEEF and honoring their work; preserving the spirit and character of children undergoing treatment for cancer or blood disorders; raising funds and educating the youth in the arts through the gifting of paintings. The concept was simple: disabled kids’ artwork would be framed to adorn the wall of the Association. Other kids had the opportunity to participate for a nominal fee. A DJ was hired and local restaurants donated the F&B. Riple & Co. also secured a partnership with Car2 rental (now OKmobililty) which provided free rental cars for three (3) years to families who may need to relocate due to their kids’ treatment.


  • Increased visibility for the Association.
  • Raised awareness about the participating young artists.
  • Contributions made to APNEEF led Paris Hilton to become Ambassador to the Island of Ibiza (lifelong honor) and to gain status of Preferred Visitor for her appreciation to the city and interest in the less fortunate.