Montresso* Art Foundation Expansion



Montresso* Art Foundation


Marrakesh, Morocco

Scope of work:

Located less than 20km from Marrakesh, the Montresso* Art foundation was founded in early 1981 and established in Morocco in 2009.  Set on eleven acres of land, this privately held foundation aims at supporting and promoting diversity, artistic research that transcends borders and standards through its artistic residence Jardin Rouge while contributing to the artistic development of the city and its local cultural agents.

Riple & Co. has been tasked with implementing marketing and business development strategies to position the foundation as a key player in the art world as it is seeking to expand and open its doors to the general public.

Plans of expansion include a welcome center and Boutique Shop, a Gallery to feature work from artists in residency, a restaurant, and an Oriental garden  – a place of relaxation where one can enjoy the beauty of the foundation’s surroundings.  A key component of the expansion will be The Agora, the heartbeat of the foundation, where people will be able to gather and attend small artistic events organized by the Foundation.


This project is currently under development and updates will be provided shortly.